Why Fray Hair?

Why not?

Loads of people have asked me what it means and where it comes from. But the truth is I just liked the word Fray.

I wanted something short and snappy, because that’s what most modern and funky businesses do. I strongly considered Chya, but we worried that people might mis-pronounce it.

It just definitely had to be something which didn’t already exist (at least in the UK). I wanted some individuality not just on Market Street in Hoylake, but on Facebook, Instagram and with my website; there were no other Fray Hairs around.

But when I thought about it, “Fray” was more apt than I’d realised. For three reasons…

  1. A “Fray” is a battle, and with so many other hairdressers and beauty salons in Hoylake, I need to be up for the fight!
  2. “Frayed” means rough around the edges, and as you can see from our photos, our look is more raw and stripped back than uber-glam.
  3. It has the same initial as my surname Farrington.

So there you have it, the story of Fray.

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